The Artist speaks of his process

As one might gather from my portfolio, I’m a free stylist, or experimentalist. I take inspiration from a variety of sources – for example, artists of the modern era and of contemporary times. In decades past, I was inspired by Jackson Pollock, Gerhard Richter, Rothko, Picasso, among many others.

Other influences come from literary, scientific, spiritual and philosophical writings and concepts. And, of course, Nature. I tend to innovate techniques to best create the images, textures, features, tones that match my intuition and flows. I work on paper, canvas and wooden panel mostly in acrylic media, sometimes water colours and inks.

I’ve an extensive background in the sciences and I draw inspiration from the language of physics for example, where terms like “entanglement” or “quantum foam” suggest ways to create images that capture a felt-sense of those ideas. Philosophy is another deep interest and concepts like “inexistence” or “singularity” not only leads me to compose whimsical poems, but also suggests themes for new series of art works. I also like to intersect the words and concepts from different subject domains to see what may emerge from the visual artists perspective.

I can also say, decades of immersion in the Diamond Path has awakened a kind of Artist’s Logos in me. Radical inquiry and many realizations  has opened a process akin, perhaps, to entering the dreamtime of the indigenous peoples, a liminal state where a play of imagination and artistic gesture co-mingle and find novel ways to express the true, the beautiful and the mysterious.

I have learned that the artist’s inquiry begins with a deep listening and sensing, an inward looking, finding a synesthesia of the kinesthetic and the visual that engenders a creative spark, at first unrecognized, but with a patience and a fortitude of stillness the true gesture arises. That’s when the painter paints.

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