Detritus Doubled

Detritus Doubled, each 18″ x 24″, mixed media on heavy paper.

These two were created side by side, on the floor of the Studio. Can I call it diptych? The base is gold tempera. More apparent in one, as the other was softened with a creamy white. Then with oil pastel crayon I added gestural marks, black swirls, arcing randomly. Various basic acrylic colours – red, blue, yellow were applied with various tools, mainly painter’s plastering knives, then titanium white similarly with a palette knife. When dry I began “subtracting” various parts of the colour splashes using methanol sprayed onto various sections then wiped off with cloth or with a palette knife. This was creating interesting complexity. More lines of black and white again applied with knives at various angles. Circles were added using small glass bowls dipped into titanium white smeared onto a glass palette, then applied to the composition.The straight lines were added after drying, using green tape to make “hard lines” very straight, suggesting a geometric overlay to the whole composition. And a partitioning of the space, as if to say: “Wait a minute here! There needs to be some counterpoint to the chaos.” Count this as the Artist’s “second thoughts” or perhaps an aesthetic intervention. I was satisfied with the outcome. Overall the composition turned out quite harmonious suggesting perhaps some beauty in mere detritus.  Details here.

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