Daily Notes 001 (February 17, 2024)

These daily notes (maybe not so daily, however) are as much notes-to-self as the usual blogging (ad)venture, random shout-outs, or serious revelations. More like reminders to take ‘note of it,’ jot it down before you forget, and come back at some other time to ponder, elaborate, or even delete.

So, in terms of my ongoing lifelong endeavour of discovery and research…

This week I’m diving into two new (for me) knowledge discoveries:

1. The teaching and research of Dr. Ibrahim Karim on Biogeometry Signatures and the Physics of Quality. And related, the teaching of Dr. Robert  Gilbert on Sacred Geometry and the spiritual path. These are related. There is lots more to note here, as time goes on.

Here’s a quote from Hidden Reality that indicates the significance of Dr Karim’s theory of the Physics of Quality:

“With qualities or attributes becoming an objective abstract scale of measurement, this type of human-based physics becomes limitless, with no boundaries in any dimension or reality. It brings every topic of modern science, humanities, art, spirituality, and life in general, into a unified system of living, resonant, interactive unity; it defines qualities as differentiated effects of the ONE transcendental primordial centering state which manifests conscious control of everything in the duality of Creation.”  p.18


2. The Human Design Method, and various practitioners of that method. Notably, Rachel Lieberman and Karen Curry Parker. This work relates to personal growth and transformation.


The works of Karim and Gilbert are significant for they reveal a deep interconnectedness to the entire spiritual discourse I have been so deeply involved with in this lifetime. Bringing into focus and integrating many threads and pieces (or fragments) of information and knowledge. I’ll detail some of that in another note. Also, some new and integrating ideas and concepts, together with practical means of working with it. The notion of subtle energy (or chi, prana, shakti, zero-point energy, the ether-matrix, for example.)

The Quantum Design Method integrates a variety of ancient systems—astrology, I Ching, Kabbala, etc.—into a system of personal growth and deep understanding of one’s personality, potential, and life path.

More to come…



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