The Singularity is Near

The Singularity is Near

The apocalypse is pouting.
It’s squinting out of fear.
The singularity is coming.

Its arrival is most immanent.
Its place assured here.
Surely before long,
before brunch for sure.

(Engine of the dawn itself!
Machinic Enigma of the morning light!)

So pickup your utensils,
Your tools and brushes,
Your oh so fabulous instruments.
Don’t despair!

Check those inventories,
The closets of your worn out attire,
Your costumes-in-repair.
Slip into something unfamiliar,
Some unworn underwear.

Dash out and hail that yellow taxi swarm.
All traffic is now coordinated
To get you there on time.

The singularity is coming.
The singularity is near.



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