Prolegomina to a new blog series

I promised myself a new blog posting, a series actually, tied together (however loosely) by some kind of thematic frame.

Given my semi-disciplined mind, this endeavour does require a structure, a frame to contain the chaos, focus the irrruptions, gather the threads into some manner of a weave. However, not a frame story, not a particular character as narrator, but a concept which can act metonymically as well. As Lisa Robertson posits in her latest book The Baudelaire Fractal, “Delusion needs an architecture…” p. 16.

To begin, I give myself permission for these postings to be: preliminary, fragmentary, or incomplete; suggestvely tentative,  cryptic, or obscure; and especially, questioning, experimental, and unquiet, which over time  might become a cohesive assemblage of fragments, shards, shatterings. Much like certain kinds of poetry or postmodern discourse, but capable of threading its way into the WEB to conjure meanings, musings, maybe mayheim. Maybe insight and revelation.

Riffing off the idea I have been using to foster creative writing and painting – the Trialities, Triplets and Triads  concept-  I chose a specific triality as the operating frame for this series: Figments, Fragments, and Artifacts. 

Although I am going to play with the third word (artifacts here) and vary it, create variations. (Enigma Variations, if you will.) You’ll see, later on, that the third word  will act as a kind of functor, a way to map between different notions, or ideas, and create new threads.

(Note: I use the word triality specifically, as while it technically refers to a relationship among three vector spaces, suggests imaginally an interplay of spaces in a fourth or higher dimensional realm. This could be the plane of immanence, that the philosopher Gilles Deleuze speaks of. Deleuze’s concepts inform much of my musings.)

Simply put, the intention is to stimulate interaction and conversation with readers. And to be friendly, invitational and relational.

Here’s the method I will follow:

Choose some note already captured in the little black notebook, or in the Obsididan vault. Post it as a fragment or figment, tantalizingly incomplete, let it hang out there in the virtual. Wait and see if it stimulates a response. Reflect, return, revise, and re-compose. See where it goes. Be open to the Openess.

Any comments, my virtual readers/writers?




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