Part 1 Triplicities, Trialities and Triptychs


Here’s a wild and crazy idea for writers and journalists seeking inspiration to fuel their creativity. I call it a creative synesthesia with three words.

This is inspired by my habit of bringing together three words that begin with the same first letter, or two letters, which then creates an alliance of alliterative assonance. Their individual meanings may diverge, clash or even, while suggesting a supersonic sympathy, bespeak their own territory.

For example:
Frisson, fracture and foolishness
Increments, irony and tides of infamy.”
“Tricksters, tramps and hopeless tropes”

Notice that adding a preposition, conjunction or secondary descriptor could suggest a possible theme, or maybe an essay title for some creation yet unthought but beckoning to be born.

So, here is my prompt:

Take a triplet of three words beginning with the same letter, or two letters, and:
Write a poem, a flash fiction story, a narrative monolog, a dialog fragment. Whatever you wish using the triplet to suggest a mood, a tension, a conflict, a description, a threesome of some (any) kind.

Did it work for you? Let me know what you came up with?

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