Inquiry opens the door

You are an Original.

Absolutely one of kind. Always have been from the beginingless beginning.

And here you are on this planet at this moment to express that originality in your own unique and authentic ways. Oh! But maybe you forgot that fundamental reality.  Well then, first you are here to rediscover it. This would be Your Journey Home. This too a unique and original pathway back to your Origin, to your True Self. So, if you are one such forgotten, how shall the journey be engaged?

Inquiry opens the door.

It turns out that human beings are designed for inquiry. Peeking though our layers of obscuration and doubt, are our innate capacities for inquiry and investigation of our true nature. Curiosity, steadfastness, clarity, fortitude, compassion, while often dim, diminished or little used, these qualities and capacities can be revived, strengthened and made whole. These are the tools we use for inquiry. And the fundamental question will always be: Who am I? What am I, really?

When you have realized, once again, your True and Original Self, the expression of your creativity in the many ways available to you will unfold with vigour, naturally and with ease. Then again, you probably already have some intimations, inclinations that were there from your early childhood days, but got ignored or lost through the various vicissitudes of growing up. Now’s the time to return home, find once again your Original Face and shine upon the world your true gifts and talents.  Truly, it is time.

Inquiry as a path to your original self




The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are  by Alan Watts

Diving in the Inner Ocean: An Introduction to Personal Transformation through Diamond Inquiry by Dominic C. Liber 

The Unfolding Now by A.H. Almaas

Spacecruiser Inquiry: True Guidance for the Inner Journey by A.H. Almaas


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