Fact, Fancy & Time Lapse

In the still of the night …

Lamplighters quicken their step, rededicate to their luminary obligations.

Landladies move to lock their front doors. (1842)


The howling of the strays on the outskirts

Give pause to stragglers who missed the last bus. (1931)


A heap of peripatetic revelers tumble into the alley, at closing time

It’s every man for himself. (1896)


The Angels of Mercy are ending their engagement at the Orpheum this night

But not before an encore of nostalgia for the unforgiven in the front row. (1981)


The unwashed are lining up at Sallyanne’s front door

Expecting to be met with severe approbation, as per usual. (1976)


The joyful and the joyless commingle in the atrium

Swapping pithy bon mots, keeping their darker thoughts under wraps. (1980)


In the room upstairs the women still come and go

Talking now of Basquiat and Warhol. (1972)


The empirical philosophers have adjourned for the evening,

leaving their sigils emblazoned on door lintels and window sills. (1912)


The hallelujah chorus is just getting started: a flash choral mob taking over the food court at

Northgate mall will win spontaneous applause, no doubt. (2016)


The sidewalk Buskeneers heed Bob’s advice,

pocketing all they can from mere coincidence. (2010)

Blue Moon in my Living Room

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